Open-Source Full-Stack solution for fast PWA development

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🙌 Developer experience

Provides a complete well configured environment so you can immediatly focus on writing your web app code.

💚 Vue.js

BentoStarter uses Vue.js because it is cool, fast, and probably the easiest javascript framework to learn today.

🏠 Hosting ready

Your app is deployed to firebase hosting as soon as you commit a new version.

🚀 Progressive Web App

Provides a strong PWA configuration so your web app can be used as a mobile (IOS / Android) or desktop application with offline support.

☁️ Cloud database

BentoStarter uses firestore that provides a cloud NoSQL Database so you can focus on writing your front-end code.

✅ CI / CD

Optional continuous integration/delivery configuration that helps you control your code quality before deployment.

📁 Well structured

BentoStarter helps you getting started by proposing a default app structure based on best practices.

🛠 Flexible

As this project is a template and not a CLI, you can modify the whole project according to your needs.

🔎 Prerendering / SEO

Prerender your different app pages and boost SEO with meta-data description per page.