Welcome to bento-starter 👋

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🍱 bento-starter is an Open-Source Full-Stack solution that helps you to build fast and maintainable web applications using tools like Vue.js, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps support, dynamic offline support... The goal of this project is to provide a powerfull and well configured stack (with CI/CD, hosting...) so you can focus on writing your web application very quickly.

As this project is a template project and not a CLI, you have access to the entire app configuration so you can change it according to your needs.


👉 https://bento-starter.firebaseapp.com

Install the PWA demo from Google Play Store 👉 bento-starter Google Play Store

Bento starter demo

bento-starter comes with a small example of "products management" in the products page(Authentication required) to demonstrate how to manage your data with this stack.

Lighthouse score :

Lighthouse score

Optional preconfigured Github Actions workflow :

  • ✔ī¸ Check tests and quality
  • ⚙ī¸ Build the project
  • 🚀 Deploy to firebase hosting

The stack is made up of :

App embedded features :

  • 👤 Google authentication
  • 📴 Offline support (dynamic & static caching)
  • 🆕 New version available prompt on new app deployments
  • ➕ Add to home screen prompt for ios & android
  • ↩ī¸ Smart redirection for auth protected routes
  • ✨ Products page example to demonstrate app data management with firestore and vuex
  • đŸ’Ē Better PWA support for all browsers with PWACompat

Last Updated: 3/16/2020, 12:30:19 PM